The Big Bike Ride >;o)

News: The information contained within this website is now available as a pdf document Download from here

So myself, Matt, My Dad and Daniel cycled from John O'Groats to Land's End.

Fundraising update: With sponsorship and donations you helped us raise 900 online and 3150 offline making a rather splendid total sum of 4050 which was shared between the 3 charities. The online sums went direct to each charity and the offline amount was split equally between the 3 charities. A big thank you to all our supporters

This journal is an account of the charity cycle ride that we organised and rode from John O'Groats to Land's End. My cycle computer put this at 907 miles which we covered over 13 days setting off from JOG on Friday the 14th of July 2006 and arriving in LE on Wednesday the 26th of July 2006.

It has been written by me, Gary Hurdman. I am one of the Sheila's Wheelers team members and it was I that created this website

You can get hold of a pdf document which contains all the information contained in this website by visiting this page of my personal website.

I have written this account from my perspective, in the first person. However, this doesn't mean that this doesn't represent the rest of the team. Wherever there is a thank you to someone that helped or donated, it's from us all. Opinions of course are mine. Other team members wanted to voice their own opinions or thoughts and the owner of such ramblings are named and shamed. All other incoherent ramblings are mine. Any errors are mine too, don't blame the other guys!

I have organised this account (organised, surely not?) into two parts. A journal and a guide detailing our route, accommodation and planning to aid anybody else thinking of cycling the End to End challenge for the first time. It's not a complete guide and will only discuss our experience but I hope it helps anyone that might be thinking of taking on the End to End challenge.

Enjoy the read.

Once you get through this and you find you did enjoy the read, please consider donating to our charities. Even a small amount.

And if you didn't enjoy reading this journal, which put my entire literary soul into, well you can just go and get stuffed >;o)

Gary Hurdman.
March 2007