Our Training Diary

We thought we ought to try riding our bikes before we got to John O'Groats

Details of our training to be posted here.

So far, it's all been done in the pub. A good deal of the cycling is missing from here because it was done before the site was created. And no, I never made a note. Sorry!

Sunday May the 28th
Edward and Gary put in 55 Miles in South Staffordshire.

Monday May the 29th
Edward and Gary put in 45 Miles in North Staffordshire.

Sunday June the 4th
Edward,Gary, Dan and Matt all put in 55 Miles in South Staffordshire. Well, nearly all. Edward wimped out of the last 6 miles after being knocked off his bike. He survived unhurt. The bike required a new back wheel. Oh, and Matt fell off at the beggining of the ride in an act of pure comedy. So a quick message to Matt; when you come to a stop, take your feet out the pedal clips and put a foot down. That will prevent those sharp pains up one side and keep you in an upright posisiton.

Sunday June the 11th
Edward, Matt and Gary put in 59 Miles North Worcestershire. Dan wrestled with the duvet and lost, he was pinned to his bed for several hours and unfortunately missed the ride. Edward, Matt and Gary enjoyed a ride in which a new team speed record of 40.7 mph was set. Points worthy of note? Well firstly, we found G.I. Moth

The views were particulary pleasant

However, some views are more disturbing (AAAARRRGGG!!)

Other things to note include the fun we had cycling through a ford which Edward nearly fell into (what a great picture that would have made)

Sunday June the 18th
Edward, Matt and Gary put in 83 Miles in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire. Dan was working this morning. (working on getting our from under the duvet? No, real work this time. That's ok then). We discovered that we have broken our arses into our saddles. Managed the ride quite comfortably. We equalled our top speed of 40.7 mph. We put in a fairly decent average speed (over that distance) of 14 mph. An enjoyable ride.