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Wishing all the Team good luck glad to see you have chosen the "DOWN HILL DIRECTION" & you have taken your training seriously! Don't get sampling the Malts too much before you cross the border!! All the best and enjoy the ride.
Sent in by: Harry Reynolds
Olympic Silver Medalist Cycling, Melbourne 1956 : Ex Tour de France 1960
Date: 03 July 2006

To Matt and all the End to End team, Good luck for your ride,no punctures and a nice tail wind would great but whatever remember 1 thing .... NEVER SACRIFICE SPEED FOR STYLE !!! Keep those pedals turning ! Enjoy !
Sent in by: Keith Reynolds
Cycling Gold Medalist Commonwealth Games 1986
Date: 26 June 2006

I noticed this charity bike ride from John O'Groats to Land's End on Tom Watson's blog a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed like some people getting sore arses in a good cause. It stood out for me because my mother's family are Hurdman's, and because my own brother died too young of cancer four years ago. Gary Hurdman and his team, Sheila's Wheelers from Sandwell, are doing the ride to raise money for three worthy charities, and if you could see your way to donating a fiver (or more) to one of their three charities, I'm sure it will not only boost their coffers, but also their confidence. It is possible to donate online via the website.
From the blog of: Councillor Bob Piper Abbey Ward, Sandwell Council
Date: 13 June 2006

All the very best of luck to Sheila's Wheelers on their crazy venture. I offer my wholehearted support on the condition that there are no photos published of any of you in tight fitting lycra >;o) Go for it, boys.
Sent in by: Lee Madge from Wolverhampton
Date: 09 June 2006

Some of the most memorable ideas in history have been dreamt up in the pub. Sheila's Wheelers is no different. A group of friends, cycling from John O'Groats to Land's end for no other reason than because they can. Oh, and to raise a sack load of money for three very worthwhile charities. I hope you will support them.
Sent in by: Tom Watson Labour MP for Sandwell East
Date: 03 June 2006