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End 2 End Websites

Sheila's Wheelers:
The guide you're reading! It was initially used to promote us and help raise funds for our charities.

Bike Reader:
A list of other E2E sites.

The Ultimate E2E Lists:
This is a massive list of online journals. I used this to track down information for our route planning. There are some duds listed, however most are useful.

Rob and Joe's E2E:
If you only look at one website to research your own E2E, make it this one. We used this as a starting point in planning our route. Our route is somewhat different but this guide gave us a launch point in our planning.

The Cycle Touring Club:
Look here for cycle touring advice. And join the CTC while you're at it. You will get E2E route information free to your letterbox

Micks LE-JOG-LE:
Mick is the guy we met near John O'Groats who was doing an E2E twice in the same trip. He created a blog of his journey. Worth a read. And if you don't believe that we met him, he corroborates our story in his blog. So there.

The Cycle Touring Clubs Online Forum:
Log in here and talk to many, many End to Enders for all the practical advice you need. The best place to get that nagging question answered.

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